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mercredi, 13 janvier 2021

US Diplomacy Month - A Series of Events on US Diplomacy

US Diplomacy Month
The United States have elected Joe Biden as the new president for 4 years mandate last November.   This January 20th , Biden will take office and there is a bunch of policy adjustments expected in the US foreign policy that would impact US engagement in most regions in the world.  As part of the US Diplomacy Month , the Global diplomatic Forum will organize a series of  webinars that address questions related to the US Diplomacy and potential scenarios that can transform this policy in different regions in the world . These Webinars host a panel of experts and bring a fresh perspective into the debate of US global engagement. 

Our Launch Events will take place on the 19th of January :

US- China and Asia Pacific Policy :
19th of January at 2PM ( GMT)

The first webinar of the US month, will address questions related to the US’s diplomacy with regards to China and Asia Pacific.  The proceeding of the webinar is an experts consultation on US engagement with China and in the wider Asia pacific region 

Confirmed Speakers :

Dr Mercy Kuo, Vice President of Strategic Services at Pamir

Dr. Zhiqun Zhu, Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Chair, Department of International Relations, Bucknell University
Dr Tat Yan Kong, Reader in Comparative Politics & Development Studies, SOAS, University of London and Co-Director, London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Science

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Other US Month Events
US - Europe Relations
26th January 2PM (GMT)

US - Middle East and Africa Engagement
2nd February at 2PM ( GMT)

Youth Perspective on US Diplomacy
09th of February

All our events are members only. You can check our different membership options here. You can contact us for other options via the mail below :
E-mail: events@gdforum.org
Telephone: (44) 208 853 3293

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